A Texas trucker has been named a “Highway Angel” for stopping to help a pinned police officer…


“Some of the thin’gs I witn’essed have been insa’ne—no one is contacting the co’ps, automobiles are passing by, and no one is stopp’ing to help him”

Wilburn,. who works for Anderson Trucking, referred to as 911 to report what he discovered

“He. was severely bang’ed up,” Wilburn added. “Both decrease and upper legs have been fract’ured, and he was pinned in”. His legs have been severely cru’s’hed”

He. then remained with the trapp’ed of’icer till support arrived and he was taken to a nearby h’ospital

Wilburn,. who is nonetheless outraged that no one stopped, says he has no suggestion what triggered the mish’ap however that he is usually the man for the job


“I’m. the idiot that runs into burning buildings and rescues dogs”. I can’t go on with my day when I see something like that”

Since. the program’s commence in August 1997, nearly 1,300 expert truck drivers have been named Highway Angels for demonstra’ting extrao’rdinary kindness, civil’ity, and braveness on the job.