Country music star Blake Shelton invites foster children to his home to learn how to fish..


When country music star Blake Shelton isn’t playing star judge on hit TV show “The Voice”, he chooses to spend his time outdoors.

So when he was asked to host a group of foster children he couldn’t wait to introduce them to one of his all time passions.

The 10-time Country Music Award winner invited a group of foster children to fish on one of his Oklahoma farms.

As an Oklahoma boy born and bred and one of the few country music stars not to live in Nashville, Shelton has a number of properties in the Sooner State.

With the help of volunteers he helped teach them how to fish, and how to fillet their catch, ending the day with a big fish fry.

In a recent episode from “Call of the Outdoors”, Blake talks about his appreciation of wildlife conservation, a passion he pursues as director of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

The foundation has teamed up with Fostering Outdoor Oklahoma Families to help introduce foster kids and their families to the great outdoors.

“Thank you, Blake, for being so generous and taking time to invest in the children from your home state by showing them what outdoor Oklahoma is all about,” said wildlife officials, as per ABC News.

The Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Foundation donated all the gear and the kids got to take everything home so they can continue to fish.


Blake is reported to be spending more time in Oklahoma with partner Gwen Stefani and her three boys. He would normally be in LA filming “The Voice” but COVID restrictions means he has to film from home.

According to Distractify Blake owns at least two properties in Oklahoma and with Gwen has expanded his real estate footprint to include a lake house on Lake Texoma, in Oklahoma, complete with swimming pool, swim-up tiki bar and palm trees.

I hope these foster kids get to take part in more exciting adventures, they deserve to be spoiled, thank you Blake Shelton!

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