Roseanne Turns Down $4 Million Spot On The View: “I’d Punch Whoopi”


Roseanne Barr was down, but she certainly wasn’t out. Her standup show on Fox was just the tip of the iceberg. A Los Angeles jury handed her $208 million and control of “The Conners,” which put her right back at the top of her game.

According to her agent, Joe Barron, one of her latest offers was from “The View.” They’re looking for a female conservative personality, and Roseanne has the perfect personality to go toe-to-toe with the liberals on the panel.

“They offered her $4 million a year, which is only a quarter of what Goldberg makes. I brought it to her and it was a solid no,” said Barron, “she said she’d never last because she’d ‘punch Whoopi on day one.’ I don’t think she was kidding.”


Indeed she was not. Roseanne answered our request for comment, which shows just how big she’s gotten, and told us she’d “kick that bitch’s ass for what she said about the Jews.” Barr was raised Jewish but converted to Christianity for her show.

At any rate, it doesn’t look like Roseanne will be sitting across the table from Whoopi Goldberg anytime soon. It’s a shame, too. Vegas has them at even odds in a fistfight.