TRUE: Elon Musk Drove Kathy Griffin Into Bankruptcy


It appears that Kathy Griffin’s Twitter feud with Elon Musk has resulted in severe consequences for the comedian. According to various sources on social media, Griffin has lost her Twitter accounts, a contract with HBO, and her position on CNN’s New Year’s Eve celebration. It’s also rumored that she has fallen into bankruptcy, losing all of her assets except for her railway pension and a self-built $41,000 cat tree. Her car was repossessed, and the only artwork she was allowed to keep was a framed picture of her holding Donald Trump’s head, which the bankruptcy trustee deemed worthless.

Our fact-checking team attempted to reach out to Griffin to confirm these rumors, but their efforts were unsuccessful. They were forced to rely on public records, which indicated that Griffin had indeed filed for bankruptcy. However, to avoid any potential legal issues, our team was unable to provide concrete evidence without incriminating innocent rail workers or speaking negatively about Musk or Trump.


Therefore, we must report on what information we can and allow the audience to form their own opinions, as is the standard practice in modern journalism.