Gutfeld Claps Back When Lib Co-Host on The Five Threatens “HR”


Greg Gutfeld, the wildly popular host of the top-rated “Greg Gutfeld Live”, and panel member of the highly rated Fox show “The Five” is on fire! He regularly smokes all of his lefty competition on the failing major networks, despite being on a cable channel. He does so with a combination of humor, common sense, and a fearlessness to say what is on his mind. America has noticed, but that doesn’t mean lefties aren’t still trying to take him down. Recently on an episode of The Five, while debating Elon Musk and Twitter with lefty co-host Jessica Tarlov, the two got in a dust-up that resulted in Tarlov mentioning Human Resources. Gutfeld was having none of that and clapped back. Check this out.

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld hit back at liberal co-host Jessica Tarlov over the state of Twitter after Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s acquisition of the social media platform.

The exchange on “The Five” began light-hearted until Gutfeld jokingly told Tarlov that she was being “too emotional.” Gutfeld, Tarlov, Dana Perino, Jesse Watters, and Katie Pavlich discussed tweets from Musk, including a snafu he was involved in recently regarding the attack on Paul Pelosi, the husband of Democrat Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

Tarlov argued Musk was “promoting complete lies,” to which Gutfeld responded that Musk tends to do “a lot of trolling with his tweets.”

“It’s not a joke,” Tarlov said.

“It is,” Gutfeld fired back. “Look at you. You are getting too emotional about this. You should be enjoying the [free speech.]”

Watching the video of the exchange, and it’s impossible to not agree with Gutfeld. Tarlov was clearly escalating the conversation and becoming agitated. In other words, letting her emotions get the best of her. Isn’t that what “getting too emotional” means? Tarlov attempted to blame her state and high pitch of her voice to estrogen before throwing out the mention of Human Resources.


Tarlov replied, “Just because I’m at a higher pitch than you doesn’t mean I’m more emotional than you. It’s just estrogen.”

After a lengthy back and forth, Watters reminded Gutfeld he had just “told a woman she was being too emotional.”

Tarlov then said, “HR watches this, by the way” to which Gutfeld responded, “Is that a threat? Good for you.”

Tarlov joked, “I’m not coming back for the D block.”

So, is it not ok to tell a clearly emotional woman that she is being too emotional? Is this something I need to make a mental note of? How should a man respond if he gets angry over something, and his wife or girlfriend tells him he is getting too emotional? My house doesn’t have an HR department, and I do get a bit spun up on NFL Sundays. Perhaps I need to hire some human resources people. Gutfeld didn’t shrink when Tarlov threw out her veiled threat. After all, he is the biggest personality on late night television, and it’s going to take a little more than him pointing out what everyone can see to get HR involved.