Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Gets Great News, Dominates Woke Competition


Fox News personality and host Greg Gutfeld is continuing to dominate cable news with his successful late-night TV show.  Fox News Channel has long led the cable news market and hosts like Gutfeld are demonstrating this.

Gutfeld co-host’s the popular Fox News afternoon show “The Five” and hosts his own show at night “Gutfeld!”  The comedian and political analyst has garnered two of the top three shows in cable news in the key 25-54 age demographic.  Last week, “The Five” had a chart-topping 448,000 key demographic viewers.  Tucker Carlson was in second place with 407,000 viewers while “Gutfeld!” landed in third at 379,000.

Furthermore, “The Five” has just become the most watched show in all of cable news.  The flagship program has averaged a total audience of over 3 million viewers for the week ending January 22nd.

Forbes reported:

Fox News Channel dominated the week’s cable news ratings, with The Five taking the title as the most-watched show in cable news. The Five drew an average total audience of 3.332 million viewers for the week ending January 22nd, according to ratings data compiled by Nielsen. The panel program continues to be a stronger performer, despite airing outside of prime time, when viewership levels are higher.

After The Five, the highest-rated shows of the week were Tucker Carlson Tonight (3.086 million viewers), Jesse Watters Primetime (2.647 million viewers), Hannity (2.386 million viewers) and Special Report with Bret Baier (2.367 million viewers)—all airing on the Fox News Channel.

In prime, Fox News led the cable news networks with an average total audience of 1.996 million viewers—beating CNN and MSNBC combined. Overall, Fox had fully 92 of the 100 highest-rated cable news telecasts for the week.

The Washington Times reported on the success of Gutfeld:

Let us spend a moment with Fox News Channel late-night kingpin Greg Gutfeld. His signature program, “Gutfeld,” has averaged 2.1 million viewers through 2022, according to Nielsen Media Research.

The size of that viewing audience bests both NBC’s “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” and ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and also consistently trumps such cable rivals as Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” and HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” and “Real Time With Bill Maher


Mr. Gutfeld enjoyed his largest audience on record — 2.5 million — in late October.

The press has noticed.

“Is the right winning the comedy wars?” asked in a comprehensive analysis that deemed Mr. Gutfeld himself “affably acerbic” and a comic who has “ascended to his long-awaited destiny” through years of notable work before the camera.

“The biggest comedy show on late-night right now is not on ABC or NBC or CBS or Fox. It’s not on Comedy Central. It’s certainly not streaming. It’s on Fox News, and its name is ‘Gutfeld!’” the news organization said.

CNN, noticing the success of Greg Gutfeld, has reportedly been brainstorming its own progressive version of Gutfeld.

“Brass at the famously progressive news network have reportedly floated names such as Bill Maher, Trevor Noah, Arsenio Hall, and Jon Stewart, as candidates, to offer a nontraditional, late-night-esque take on the day’s news. Fox News has found success with ‘Gutfeld!,’ the late-night comedy show hosted by Greg Gutfeld,” the Daily Mail reported.