The rendition of “The Dance” performed by Kelly Clarkson is so captivating that it brings tears to Garth Brooks’ eyes…


There is a good reason why Garth Brooks is the solo artist with the most record sales in the history of the United States.

His songs are so good that they become instant classics that people continue to adore long after they were first released.

When “Friends in Low Places” begins playing during a party, the volume level automatically increases. In spite of this, the melodies that truly stand out in Garth Brooks’ catalog are the ones that are emotive.

One of the most famous songs that Garth Brooks has ever written, “The Dance” has resonated deeply with listeners from all walks of life all around the globe.

At the 43rd Annual Kennedy Center Honors, Garth Brooks was one of the recipients of the accolade.

The Kennedy Center Honors recognize those who have made significant contributions to American culture via any of the performing arts.

That is unquestionably appropriate for Garth Brooks. Since the release of his first album in 1989, he has continued to dominate not just the country music scene but also the whole globe, and he is not done yet.

How can one properly pay tribute to such a towering figure in the music industry? Naturally, by having Kelly Clarkson perform for you.

Garth Brooks was moved to tears by Kelly Clarkson’s performance of “The Dance” during the event. Kelly Clarkson’s rendition was just breathtaking.

Kelly Clarkson did not become the first-ever winner of American Idol for no good reason.

Her singing is both very powerful and extremely nuanced all at the same time. Clarkson displays a wide spectrum of emotions during her singing, and this is reflected in each of her songs.

Her singing of “The Dance” at a Garth Brooks tribute was an excellent choice because of the powerful but soothing quality of her voice.

Garth Brooks released “The Dance” as the last single from his first album, but he was well aware that the emotionally charged track would always be one of the most significant songs in his career, and he was right.


“I believe to a lot of people, ‘The Dance’ is a song about a relationship that ended badly, which, as you well know, that it is. To me, though, it has always been a song about living one’s life. Or it may be the loss of those individuals who, like John F. Kennedy or Martin Luther King, made the ultimate sacrifice for a dream in which they strongly believed. John Wayne’s or Keith Whitley’s, whichever one you want. Garth elaborated, “And if they could come back, I think they would tell us what the lyrics of ‘The Dance’ say,” which is what the song is about.

The song “The Dance” has been credited for assisting individuals from many walks of life, including Kelly Clarkson herself, in overcoming the effects of their own personal traumas and losses.

In the year 2020, Kelly Clarkson spoke with Garth Brooks about how the song helped her get through her own difficult time of going through a divorce.

See if you can become emotional before Garth by watching the performance in its full down below, and see if you can beat him to the punch.