TRUE: – DirecTV Will Drop ABC If The View Isn’t Axed From Its Lineup


The rumors circulating about DirecTV dropping ABC if the network does not terminate the controversial talk show, “The View,” have been confirmed by multiple sources. Additionally, another source, whose direct knowledge of the situation is unknown, has reconfirmed the news. As a result of the show’s content, DirecTV has reportedly had enough of Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar and does not want to be associated with any network that continues to carry the show.

One DTV executive, Joe Barron, expressed bewilderment at the decision to continue airing “The View” and suggested selling it to Netflix or YouTube Prime instead. Furthermore, Spectrum and T-Mobile are also considering dropping ABC, which means that many great shows, such as General Hospital, may be lost as a result. This has left many Americans in a real predicament: should they stand with DirecTV and give up ABC, or should they cave to what they perceive as the liberal agenda and purchase a pride flag?


It appears that there is no middle ground when it comes to these issues. However, there is still time for ABC to make the ultimate decision about whether or not to keep “The View” on air. The network has until its contract is renewed in 2027 to make a decision. According to Barron, “Whoopi and Joy could be dead by then for all we know, but we like to have our stuff nailed down early.”


Many believe that “The View” continues to cause controversy, and this is simply not acceptable. At some point, someone needs to hold the show accountable for its actions, and the network needs to take appropriate action. In the meantime, DirecTV and other networks will continue to consider their options. As always, “God Bless America.”