Roseanne Signs 3-Year $40 Million Deal: “Her Standup Is Ground-Breaking”


Roseanne Barr’s recent performance has caused quite a stir among both viewers and critics, with many describing it as a “groundbreaking” feat. Some sources, who may or may not be affiliated with Fox, have stated that her one-time standup show was so impactful that the network had no choice but to offer her a full-time position on their programming schedule.

One Fox Programming Director, Joe Barron, was quoted as saying, “She’s just amazing. We knew right away that there’s a large audience for her.” Roseanne’s agent has since confirmed that a deal has been reached, and a new show is in the works.

According to reports, the new show will have a clever title to attract viewers who find humor in controversial topics, such as calling one’s children “libtards” and sharing bizarre stories about dating one’s own cousin. In other words, it will cater to Fox’s core audience.

For her inaugural episode, Roseanne has invited actor Jon Voight as her first guest. Voight is known for his staunch support of former President Donald Trump, his unwavering alliance with Israel, and his tendency to offer prayers for the soul of former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It remains to be seen whether he has insider knowledge on the latter issue.


As for the show’s panel, it is expected to feature other conservative voices, though not all of them will necessarily be women. “I’m not a sexist like Whoopi,” quipped Roseanne, “I might even consider hiring that cousin I dated. He was quite manly, let me tell you.”

This brand of humor appears to have resonated with many viewers, particularly those with a right-leaning perspective. Some have even dubbed Roseanne a “national treasure,” putting her in the same category as Ben Stein. Regardless of one’s personal opinion, it’s clear that she has made a strong impression on a significant portion of the American public.