Country Music Star Sounds Off On Disrespect for Flag, Anthem During Super Bowl


Unless you are one of those few people that’s actually a diehard Kansas City Chiefs fan and thus aren’t one of the ones that doubted them the whole season like Brittany Mahomes posted about, the real highlight of Super Bowl LVII was Chris Stapleton’s incredible rendition of the Amerian National Anthem.


Though many were tearfully moved by Stapelton’s rendition of the National Anthem, there were others who didn’t show the respect due to the flag, country, or anthem. Particularly, there were quite a few grown men that should have known better who didn’t even remove their hats.

Blowing up on those man-children with no sense of respect or decency was country music superstar Darius Rucker. He, posting about it on Twitter, said “I just saw grown men keep their hats in during the National Anthem and that really sucked.” He then added, “Awesome job @ChrisStapleton u killed it!!!!!!”


Many commenters on the tweet agreed with Rucker, saying things like:

“Agree, I get so pissed off. Both my grandfathers cough in WWII and my dad enlisted. It’s rude and disrespectful. You always should remove your hat!!!”

“You are so right! I was sad to see that, too. Loved seeing you in my area, long ago. Love you even more, now!
@ChrisStapleton @dariusrucker ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️”

“Lack of respect in this country never ceases to amaze. @ChrisStapleton is the awesome…est!!!!”

“Terrible that they didn’t remove their hats. Stapleton was remarkable!”

“If my dad ever saw me leave my hat on or not cover my heart he would in his words, “wear that rear end out.””

“Chris was outstanding. Darius, it just goes to show how some people have no clue what patriotism even means. They’ve missed the boat completely!”

“Seeing it more and more at sporting events even here in Canada. My boys learned this lesson early in their young lives.”

Darius Rucker isn’t just demanding that Americans be better online. He’s also working to help make communities better and lift up those who need help. To do so, he will soon be headlining a charity concern in Aderson, South Carolina. Local news, reporting on that, said:

Upcountry Fiber, an internet service provider that bridges the digital divide by bringing broadband internet service to rural and other under and unserved communities, was created in 2020 through a partnership between Blue Ridge Electric Co-op (BREC) and WCFIBER, a subsidiary of West Carolina Rural Telephone Cooperative.

Upcountry Fiber Foundation was launched in September 2022 as a way to give back to Upstate philanthropic organizations.

“We are thrilled that South Carolina’s own Darius Rucker will be performing at our charity concert,” Jim Lovinggood, chief executive officer of BREC, said. “His vision as a philanthropist aligns well with our foundation’s, which is why there is no one better to be our headlining entertainer than Darius Rucker.”

By: Will Tanner. Follow me on Twitter @Will_Tanner_1


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