Roseanne Barr is very angry at being ‘betrayed’ – “they [wanted] me to commit s.u.i.c.i.d.e”


Roseanne Barr was one of the most loved female comedians of her generation. She was staging an amazing comeback with her show till she fell from grace very publicly…

Now it seems like she is fighting back against those who seemingly have written her off

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Roseanne Barr is back. She finally released her comedy special after 16 years on Fox Nation. And it seems like she also has some thoughts about her treatment by others in the industry, specifically about how she feels about her character Roseanne being killed off in the spin-off series The Conners.

In 2018, her famous comedy show Roseanne returned to ABC to the delight of thousands of fans. However, all of that went down the drain after Roseanne made a racist tweet about President Barack Obama’s advisor Valerie Jarrett.


There was a lot of backlash to her tweet which led to the network deciding that Roseanne will not be a part of the new show. The network decided to kill her character too and rebrand the show as The Conners.

The show which was a spin-off of the original show that Roseanne was very much a part of, killed Roseanne Barr’s character in order to explain her absence from the show. Now Roseanne is finally talking about how that felt, she said, “It didn’t faze them to murder [Roseanne]. They s— on my contribution to television and the show itself.”


She added that she did not ever intend on watching The Conners because of how disrespectful she deemed the show to be. She stated, “When they killed my character off, that was a message to me, knowing that I’m mentally ill or have mental health issues, that they [wanted] me to commit s.u.i.c.i.d.e… And all of that was to say thank you for bringing 28 million viewers, which they never had before and will never see again. Because they can kiss my a–.”


But she said she does not blame the cast, saying, “I forgive everybody. I started thinking that God took me out of there to save me. And once I started thinking that way, I was, like, a lot better off.”

It seems like Roseanne Barr is incredibly upset at this betrayal and seems to hold very strong opinions about it. What do you think of her outrage? Let us know in the comments.

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