Fired “Conners” Star Michael Fishman Offered A Job On Roseanne’s New Project


When Michael Fishman showed up to play the role of DJ for season five of “The Conners,” they sent him packing. “He’s just not a good fit anymore,” said show producer Joe Barron, “it’s nothing personal.”

Fishman has since been looking for employment, to no avail. That is, until Roseanne Barr came back into the spotlight with a new comedy routine and a deal for a sitcom.

“DJ is always welcome on my sets,” she told a source, “I don’t remember his real name half the time but he’s still a cute kid.”

Fishman is a full-grown man in his late 30s with an ex-wife and a child, but he definitely is still a cutie. “I’m not exactly sure why they canned me,” he said, “but I like Roseanne and look forward to working with her.”

There’s no official word on when Rosie’s new show will start filming, exactly who will be on the cast, or what direction she’ll decide to take the storyline. Tim Allen will be involved, according to our sources, but none of the other original cast members of “The Conners” will be allowed anywhere near the set.


“They can go do their dumb woke show until it gets canceled,” said Roseanne, “that’s not what America wants anymore.”

It’s a good thing we have people like Roseanne, patriots, to keep America pointed in the right direction.