Woman Says She Was Kicked Out Of Waterpark Because Of Her ‘Full-Figure’


Swimming pools and water parks are always fun especially in the summer, with many bikini-clad women looking to beat the summer heat. However, what happens when you get kicked out of a swimming pool or water park for wearing the appropriate swimwear?

Madelyn Sheaffer from Independence, Missouri, kept her head high and confidence intact even after being allegedly kicked out of a water park because of her bikini-clad full figure. She had lost 100 pounds to attain her summer body, and was looking forward to flaunting her new bikini-body on a trip to Adventure Oasis Water Park.

While enjoying her time with her niece and nephew, employees started approaching her, telling her to either cover up or leave the water park. Sheaffer stated that she was singled out and discriminated because of her body and age, as employees even told her that her bottoms were too small and that she had to put on some shorts.

Sheaffer demanded to speak to the manager, who agreed with the employees and insisted that she comply or leave the water park. She also stated that there were other younger girls at the park who wore the same thing and showed the same amount of skin, but were left alone.

She felt like she was the only one criticized, and the employees’ comments made her feel ashamed and uncomfortable in her body. Sheaffer then filed a complaint against Adventure Oasis Water Park, and her story went viral on Facebook, with people supporting her and her stand against the body-shaming employees of Adventure Oasis Water Park.