After Pamela Anderson Accuses Tim Allen of Flashing – The Comedian Fires Back, Claims It Never Happened


What’s Happening:

These days, has-been celebrities can say just about anything and people will believe them. Whatever is left of the “MeToo” movement has given some women in Hollywood power to rekindle their bygone careers.

Perhaps that’s what former model and actress Pamela Anderson is trying to do. After years of obscurity, the once-household name is releasing a book about her time in La La Land. She mentions her short stint on ABC hit sitcom Home Improvement. And it appears she is accusing star Tim Allen of some shocking behavior.

But the beloved actor is not taking any of it.

From Daily Wire:

Former “Baywatch” babe Pamela Anderson claims in her new book that comedian Tim Allen flashed her on the set of his hit sitcom “Home Improvement” — when she was 23 years old…

Allen, who would have been 37 years old at the time, responded to Anderson’s claim in a statement to Variety: “No, it never happened. I would never do such a thing.”

Pamela Anderson accused Tim Allen of lewd behavior on the set of Home Improvement. The actor has denied the allegations, saying “No, it never happened.” Anderson has released a book documenting her career and relationships.

This tidbit was obviously released to the press to stir up book sales. Some people, eager for celebrity gossip, would snatch up the book thinking there was more dirt on well-known actors. And there might be.

But considering the long span of time between now and when the alleged account happened, it’s impossible for us to know if the story is true. It’s her word against his. But in today’s “woke” Hollywood, the media and studios would be quick to believe Anderson over Allen.


Tim Allen has ruffled Hollywood’s feathers recently, due to his unapologetic criticism of leftists. It wouldn’t be a stretch to think Anderson is telling this story, as a way to damage the conservative actor’s reputation.

In the aftermath of the “MeToo” movement, many women came out making accusations against famous men. Plenty of those accusations went nowhere, as their stories could not be verified or were blown out of proportion.

Could this be the same situation? It’s obvious Anderson is trying to sell a book. But to do so at the expense of another person is pretty low.

Key Takeaways:

  • Former actress Pamela Anderson accused Tim Allen of lewd behavior.
  • The story comes from her recent book, which recounts her supposed career in Hollywood.
  • Liberals have been attacking Allen in recent years, because of his conservative views.

Source: Daily Wire