Idris Elba Won’t Work With Alyssa “Blackface” Milano


He’s inarguably one of the biggest Hollywood stars on the planet.  From his work in the Marvel Universe movies to his role as the villain in the Fast and Furious spinoff “Hobbs and Shaw”, to his current starring role in the return of British television’s “Luther”, Elba is flying high.

“Flying high” is what he’ll soon be doing on film, in his next role as the DC comics universe’s “Lobo” as a grizzled space bounty hunter.

But take a guess who WON’T be in the movie as his love interest, Sandy Battering Ram?  If you said “Alyssa Milano”, you’re right.

After last week’s incident in which the young “Charmed” alumni posed in blackface for the website “Funny or Die”, she’s suddenly become persona non grata.  Elba decried the idea of the casting from second one, according to ALLOD Hollywood reporter Leo Tarred.

“Idris is all about the perception of himself and his crew, and he was completely against Alyssa from the beginning.  The whole ‘blackface’ thing really roiled him.  He called her ‘a disgusting racist whore’, and said he wouldn’t act with her if his life depended on it.”

That’s a pretty harsh criticism of little miss Who’s the Boss, or whatever show she was on.  But maybe she deserves it.  Go woke, go broke.