Alan Jackson Celebrates 43 Years with Wife: He ‘Can’t Go to Bed’ without Her & They Drink Morning Coffee


Top traditional pop country music star Alan Jackson was unfaithful to his wife of over 40 years, and it led to the marriage they “both always wanted.” But it was a process that molded their perfect relationship.

Alan Eugene Jackson is a versatile country music modern-day legend and well-loved and globally appreciated for blending traditional sounds and conventional country-pop tunes. He has also delighted fans with different hit Christmas and gospel tracks.

The country music star is already blessed with a successful career and feels equally blessed by his marriage. Even so, the couple faced some rough patches, which almost destroyed their perfect union.

Alan is married to Denise Jackson, a lady he has known almost all his life. And, like some rare cases in the entertainment industry, this couple has remained husband and wife for decades despite Alan’s actions that almost wrecked their vows.


The now 63-year-old “Remember When” artist and Denise started dating in high school when she was 16, and he, 18-years-old. They both grew up in Newnan, Georgia.

During her high school years, Denise was a cheerleader and tennis player, making her one of the most famous girls in school. Still, she decided to marry Alan immediately after graduation. Alan and Denise said “I do” in 1979 while she was just 19.

However, an early marriage didn’t alter her education. She got a college degree while working as a teacher and then a flight attendant. By 1985 she and Alan relocated to Nashville, where he worked two jobs.
During the day, Alan was a mailroom clerk and a musician performing at different clubs at night. It was the country music legend’s routine for a while until he met Glen Campbell, who helped him record his first album, “Here in the Real World.”

After this piece, the singer and songwriter was on his way to becoming one of the best-selling music artists of all time. However, as Alan’s music career continued to move in the line of success, he and his young bride decided it was time to expand their little family.

In 1990 Denise had their first child, Mattie. Three years later, they welcomed Alexandra and then Dani in 1997. However, although the “You’ll Always Be My Baby” singer and Denise may have been a couple since forever, it took Alan a precarious step to get her attention.
Alan’s way to get the girl of his dreams may have worked in the ’70s, but a similar approach in the 21st century could probably get one’s face marred in pepper spray, or worse, including facing the authorities for stalking.

Many may not be aware, but the country music legend took a precarious approach to get Denise’s attention, which she confirmed during an interview.

Talking about their relationship and how they stated Denise said Alan threw a penny into her shirt and asked if he could get it the first time they met.

As if that move wasn’t bold enough, the music icon decided to scare Denise by hiding behind the backseat of her car while it was parked at Dairy Queen, only to jump out and get her horrified.

The country star’s move could have easily gotten anyone in trouble, but his case differed. Things sure ended well for Alan as he got just what he desired, only to almost throw it all away after some years as a married couple.


Although the couple seemed to have had what could be described as the perfect relationship, things weren’t always rosy in their marriage. And, their long-standing marriage became shaky following Alan’s infidelity that led to months of separation.

Thankfully, they eventually resolved their marital issues and continued the fairy tale. Several years after the couple got back together, Denise decided to share her marital experiences with the world.


In 2007 she released her book “It’s All About Him,” where she opened up about Alan’s unfaithfulness and its effect on her life and the marriage. However, while that time in their marriage was “shattering,” Denise said it also led to the greatest blessing in her life. In an interview in September, she said :

“His betrayal and our separation were what led to this new, passionate love relationship with God. [It] also led to us being able to have the kind of marriage that we both always wanted but just didn’t know how to have.”


Forgiving may sometimes be challenging, but thankfully Alan’s decade-long bride could do that and continue her fairytale marriage. After her book was released, Denise was up for many interviews.

Many wanted to know what Denise set out to achieve with her book and how her husband felt about the project. Once during an interview, she said Alan wasn’t exactly glad that his mistakes would be up in a book, but he understood that the information was necessary for the content of her book.

“It’s All About Him” reveals how Denise was able to forgive her husband, the healing process, and details of how the couple walked through the different situations. However, when asked how Denise could forgive her husband, she said she wanted her marriage restored, and that was all it took.


Several years after Alan’s infidelity issue was resolved, his spouse has proven that her forgiveness was indeed genuine, and their marriage has been going stronger with every moment that passes.

Alan has also made it known that his wife has continued to stand by him even while he battles a disease.

In an interview with Jenna Bush Hager, the country music star revealed he was diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, affecting his ability to work for over ten years.

Some music idols have had to battle with ailments or personal issues that could stop their appearance on screen, but Alan has continued to keep the industry steaming. Other artists still going strong despite personal struggles include Randy Travis, Reba McEntire, and Josh Turner.