Baby With Down Syndrome Is Loved by Millions After Presenting Adoptive Mom With Her ‘New Smile’


An adorable newborn girl with Down Syndrome wanted to give her new adoptive mother a big grin, which was captured on video. After being shared on the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network’s Facebook page, the video received hundreds of reactions. Baby H as she is known to preserve her anonymity during the adoption process is now 8 months old and resides in Texas with her family.

Baby H was on her blanket with her mom when she inquired how her day was going and then her lovely face burst into a renowned smile.

Her mother also mentioned in the interview that her Baby H could perform the grin on cue. “Ohh I adore your new grin! That is the prettiest! Can you show me again?” her mother replies in the following segment of the video.

Of course, Baby H enjoys hearing her mama’s voice and has to offer her a huge smile. “Oh my goodness, I like that new smile!” her mother exclaims.

In an interview her mother stated that her laughing was a reaction to how much she adores her baby’s smile: One can hear from the mom’s laughs how much they enjoy her grin, and she only smiled like this for a few weeks, so this film is a treasure for them.


She expressed that they believe that all of the viewers will recognize the beauty that persons with Down Syndrome possess. While receiving a Down Syndrome diagnosis might be frightening, the fact is that your kid has a reason and will be able to live a long and cheerful life.

What a lovely baby smile! Do watch this adorable cute video.

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