America’s Got Talent Star Nightbirde Dies At Age 31 After Her Cancer Battle.


A Former American’s Got Talent contestant Jane Marczewski, known to many of us as Nightbirde, has died at age 31. The singer from Ohio revealed during her emotional audition in June last year that she had cancer in her liver, lungs, and spine. While revealing her cancer, she said that it is important that everyone knows that she is much more than the bad things that happened to her.

Less than two months later on August 2, Jane ‘Nightbirde’ Marczewski stunned everyone again by announcing that she had to quit the show because her cancer had taken a turn for the worse. She mentioned that it was an honour and a dream comes true to part her heart with the world on AGT stage.

While leaving the show, Marczewski revealed that since her audition, her cancer has taken a toll on her health and the fight with cancer is demanding all of her energy and attention. She was so sad to declare that she won’t be able to continue forward on this season of AGT.

She concluded by saying thank you to everyone for their love and support and that mean the world to her. She said to her viewers to stay with her as she will be better soon and fulfill her future dreams.

Marczewski stunned the AGT judges when she performed an emotional original song, ‘It’s Okay,’ for her audition and she earned a Golden Buzzer for her performance that inspired millions of people around the globe with her messages of faith and never giving up.

A judge from the show while paying tribute to Jane said that she was such a bright inspirational light in all our lives and we must continue to live and learn from her words and lyrics. The AGT show host has also offered condolences to her family and friends and said that we are saddened to learn about Nightbirde.

According to Jane Marczewski’s family, she was first detected with breast cancer in 2017. She was in remission when it resumed in a metastatic state. In 2019, a doctor gave her an only 2% chance of survival estimating that she only had three to six months to live. She once again beat the odds and was in remission when the cancer returned in 2021 for the third and final time.

But just as she charmed viewers w ith her remarkably upbeat attitude on AGT, she also proved an admirably optimistic outlook. Though she kept a brave face but she was actually having a hard time.


Marczewski shared that about a week before she had received the shocking news that her cancer regrowth had taken over her lungs and liver. While she admitted that it was difficult but still she continued to cling to optimism.

She mentioned that when we’re going through mess like this where the pain is really too much to bear sometimes, it makes no sense at all. If we can hold onto a dream for the future, sometimes that’s all we need to get through.

When asked if she ever stumbles, her reply was ‘Why me?’ Marczewski said she doesn’t worry. She explained that she try not occupy herself with questions that are too big to answer. She said it’s a waste of time and let the questions go because it is too heavy and when you go through something that is so devastating, makes no sense and there are no answers.

Marczewski said that she has decided in her most painful moments to keep her eyes open, because it’s easier to close your eyes and give up and forget it. But there’s so much beauty and poetry to be seen in the world if you are willing to sign off on the pain that it takes to stay awake in the middle of something that hurts so bad.

Marczewski noted that while she was stepping back from AGT, she was not giving up her music. She was confident enough that her cancer has to go and after that she is going to write the most incredible record that people ever heard in their life.

She even shared lyrics from one tune ‘that means a lot,’ which has a chorus that goes: ‘I still got some magic in me, I can’t feel it but I still believe. The music stopped but I can still sing, I’m pretty beat up but I still got dreams.’