Susan Andrews chose to stay home with her children rather than pursue a professional career; Tucker Carlson’s wife has been at his side since they were in high school…


Susan Andrews is best known as the spouse of news anchor Tucker Carlson. There is not a lot of information available regarding the lives of the couple, although Andrews once narrowly escaped an imminent threat by hiding in her pantry as intruders attempted to enter her home via the front door.

The TV anchor was able to complete her education thanks to assistance provided by her father.

Susan Andrews’ husband, Tucker Carlson, also came from less privileged origins. While they were still in school together, he pursued her with a lot of passion, and when the time was right, Carlson asked Andrews for her hand in marriage.

Carlson was a senior in college at the time of the couple’s wedding, which took place in Rhode Island in the early 1990s. They had a wonderful time on their honeymoon in Bermuda, and shortly after that, they started a family of their own.

Andrews, who was married to a former co-host of “Fox and Friends Weekend,” stayed at home to raise their four children and devote her life to being a stay-at-home mother.

Andrews and Carlson initially became acquainted with one another when Carlson was 14 years old and attending boarding school for the first time. Her father, Reverend George Andrews, served as the headmaster of the institution.

All of Carlson’s old classmates had vivid and amusing recollections of him when he was still in school. On the other hand, Andrews recalled him with a warmer feeling as she explained: “His gait had an air of buoyancy about it. Even even then, he gave off an upbeat and happy vibe.”

Carlson considered Andrews to be “the prettiest tenth student in America,” and the two of them began dating not long after that.

In 2005, Andrews’ husband debuted a programme dubbed “Tucker,” but the show’s popularity didn’t persist for very long despite its initial success. Carlson had a spell of depression after the show’s cancellation, during which he worried about providing for his family and how he would support them financially. Because the programme was cancelled, he was left without a work, and his family would soon be forced into poverty as a result.

The couple had relocated from their previous house in Alexandria, Virginia to Madison, New Jersey; however, they were compelled to relocate once again and now reside with an old friend of Carlson’s, Neil Patel, in Washington, District of Columbia and throughout the event, Andrews did not leave Carlson’s side at any point.

In the year 2018, the family was put through yet another harrowing ordeal when Andrews was home alone with her family when she heard loud pounding and yelling at the front door. Andrews was getting ready to go for dinner at the time. She was so frightened that she thought there was an intruder in the house, so she hid in the pantry and called the police.


It was a blessing that none of their children were at home, but Carlson had to be at work since he was scheduled to go live on Fox News in two hours. After calling the emergency services, Andrews sent her husband many texts to keep him apprised of the situation after she had already called 911. On the other hand, what she believed to be an invasion was really a protest.

They used group chants to threaten the anchor of Fox News, letting him know that they knew where he lived and reminding him that he was just as endangered as they were. Carlson claims that the demonstrators had placards with his address on them and requested that he leave the area.

They also carried the signs with them. At the time, he was making efforts to discover who was responsible for organising the meeting, but he did not know who had done it.

It was stated that the police responded within minutes of being informed, and by the time the demonstrators had left, the perimeter protection surrounding Carlson’s residence had been increased.

In a tweet, Megyn Kelly, who once worked as a reporter for Fox News, rushed to Tucker Carlson’s rescue and said that his family did not deserve to go through such a frightening experience.