Fact-Check: Was Whoopi Goldberg Turned Away From The Red Carpet At The Oscars?


Shortly after The Oscars began, people both in the crowd and watching at home began to ask…where is Whoopi Goldberg? The star, who has an Academy Award of her own, was nowhere to be found.

That’s when rumors began to fly that the attendance committee actually made good on its promise to ban her from the affair.

“Whoopi causes a scene every year,” said Committee chair Joe Barron, “so we made sure this year she never made it onto the red carpet, nevermind into the building.”

After considering the evidence and verifying the credentials of the original reporter and Mr. Barron, we rate this claim TRUE!

There’s no way this story could have been made up. After reading the comments on Facebook, we learned that not only do most people hope it’s true, they also pray for it, meaning divine intervention is highly likely.


Fortunately, the Lord didn’t have to step in and remove her. Barron met her at the entrance personally and had her escorted to an Uber.

“She made it home safely, from what the app said,” Goldberg and her spokespeople have been pretty much absent and in hiding since the incident and aren’t offering any comment.

Producers from “The View” say they may have to get a guest host to fill in while she recovers from the total embarrassment. God Bless America.