Celebrating enduring love: Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith’s 25th wedding anniversary


Pierce Brosnan, the renowned Hollywood actor who has portrayed James Bond and various other legendary characters, is currently commemorating his 25th wedding anniversary with his spouse, Keely Shaye Smith. They first met in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in 1994 and have remained inseparable since then. Despite living a glamorous life as a Hollywood actor, Brosnan has consistently expressed his affection for his wife, as evidenced by a recent Instagram post featuring a touching caption conveying appreciation for their “25 years of love.”

In 2001, Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith exchanged their wedding vows privately at the ancient Ballintubber Abbey located in County Mayo, Ireland. Despite the passage of time, their relationship has remained resilient, buoyed by their public displays of affection and shared quality time. Brosnan fondly recalled a particularly romantic memory of a road trip to Santa Barbara with his wife, during which they enjoyed each other’s company and relished in simply listening to each other’s voices, discussing their love and life. Their enduring love still thrives today, a testament to their unwavering commitment to each other for 25 years.

In interviews, Brosnan has been forthcoming about his admiration for his wife. He has expressed his adoration for her passion and resilience, stating, “Whenever Keely gazes at me, I’m left powerless.” The couple shares two children, Dylan and Paris.


Their love story and commitment to each other have been an inspiration to many. Fans have been treated to glimpses of the couple’s sweet moments over the years through social media and red-carpet appearances. It’s clear that the love between Brosnan and Smith is still going strong after a quarter of a century, and their enduring relationship is truly #goals.

Pierce Brosnan, the actor, has always been unhesitant in conveying his affection towards his spouse, Keely Shaye Smith.

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Brosnan believes that spending quality time together is the essential ingredient for a successful marriage.


There is a consensus among people that these two are an exceptional duo.

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