Mariska Hargitay Is Grateful for 18 Years with Spouse — They Cried about Splitting Just before Wedding


After instantly falling in love, Hargitay and Peter Hermann have been married for almost 18 years. Christopher Melani, Hargitay’s co-star, who was part of the show, memories how the happy love tale commenced.

Hermann was part of the show as a guest and the moment Hargitay looked at him, she was infatuated. Though, she attempted rejecting any attraction to Hermann, but it was noticeable to anybody watching her. They started dating shortly after that.

They went to a church together and during the discourse, Hargitay started crying since it had unexpectedly started on her that Hermann would be the man, she would tie the knot. She was moved to tears with her humble thought that she had met her future husband.

The duo started dating and even had plans to get married. But after dating for a while, they decided that things would not work out for them. Hargitay said that they had both wept as they chatted.

Nevertheless, the duo managed to address their differences and got back together and in Hargitay’s 40th birthday, Hermann realized that he wanted to marry her.

On August 28, 2004, the couple got married in Santa Barbara, California.


The couple recognized that they wanted a family, so approximately two years after their marriage, they were glad to learn that they were on family way and they were thrilled.

Regrettably, the pregnancy period was not smooth. Hargitay had put on a lot of weight and thus developed gestational diabetes by the time she reached the third trimester. The pair greeted their first child, son August on June 28, 2006. In spite of her skirmishes with pregnancy and the birth procedure, Hargitay was overjoyed about being a mother.

A few years later, they adopted a daughter, Amaya Josephine and 6-months later, they adopted their third child, son Andrew.


Hargitay speaks parenthood has been rewarding but acknowledges that it has not been a relaxed ride. She further said that she had to acquire how to balance her work and family life.

After being together in the marriage for about two decades, the couple have made a spot as one of Hollywood’s utmost progressive matrimonies.

Hermann said that there is no secret to an enduring nuptial. He further said that it doesn’t mean that they’re relaxed, but they’re not that difficult either. He said that it is all about elementary essentials like compassion, listen well and fight reasonable.