Big Mistake: Table Turned on Detroit Robber after Concealed Carry Permit Holder Gets Involved


When a man tried to rob man inside a Detroit liquor store at gunpoint, the tables were quickly turned on him when the would-be victim drew a handgun and shot the suspect in the chest. The attempted robber was black, the race of the would-be victim is unkown.

Fox 2 Detroit reports that the police quickly arrived on the scene after the shooting and found two men, one of whom was the victim with the concealed carry permit, who described the attempted robbery and

According to a court filing, ShotSpotter picked up gunshots in the parking lot of Carmen’s Delicatessen just after 9:50 p.m. Feb. 8. When officers arrived, two people flagged them down. One man, Victim 1, had his hands over his head and said he had a concealed pistol license.

The pair told police that they went to the store and saw two men standing outside. One of those men was later identified as Joshua Fordham. They went into the store and were followed by Fordham and the other man.

Once they walked outside, Fordham, who was armed, allegedly followed the victims and threatened to kill Victim 2 if Victim 1 did not give him everything he had. Victim 1 said he gave Fordham his wallet. As Fordham was patting down Victim 1, he pulled out a gun and shot Fordham in the chest, the court filing said.

Click on Detroit reported a similar series of events leading to the self-defense shooting, saying:

Detroit police officers said they reviewed surveillance footage from the store on Feb. 9. It showed Fordham wearing a Detroit Lions jacket and black ski mask and following the two men from the store, according to authorities.

They appeared to argue, the video shows. During the argument, Fordham pulled a black handgun from his jacket pocket and pointed it at the CPL holder’s friend while shouting at the CPL holder, police said.


“(The CPL holder) then hands Fordham his wallet, and Fordham pats (the CPL holder) down while motioning the gun towards (the CPL holder’s) head,” the criminal complaint reads. “During the pat down, (the CPL holder) pulls a firearm from his right hip area and fires a shot at Fordham’s chest. In reaction, Fordham points his gun at (the CPL holder). The men then run in separate directions.”

The police, during their investigation, found a handgun near Fordham’s body. It appeared to have misfunctioned.

Fordham was, at the time of the assault, a felon with previous convictions for armed robbery and firearms violations. Specifically, he pleaded guilty in March 2014 to armed robbery and a felony firearm violation, according to Click on Detroit.

Why was he out of jail despite that rap sheet? Ask soft-on-crime Democrats. In any case, now he will be charged with felon in possession of a firearm.

How long are Americans going to put up with their cities being overrun by criminals with shocking rap sheets let out of jail and back on the streets, ready to prey on law-abiding citizens?

Featured image credit: MDOC photo from 2020