‘I gave birth to twins as a surrogate 14 months ago… they’re still here’


“*James is smiling a lot and *Hannah is fussing,” Amanda wrote beside a picture of the twins, who are three months old.

The image was sent to the infants’ original mother, who lived on the other side of the world, however the answer she got wasn’t what you’d anticipate.

Amanda said on TikTok,she asked which twin was James and which was Hannah and she had no idea which kid Amanda was referring to. Three months had passed. She had to take another picture of the infants and label it.

Amanda had decided to undertake surrogacy one last time in 2020 after a prior successful encounter. She signed up with a dating service, which connected her with an international couple.

Everything looked to be going smoothly at first, with Amanda becoming pregnant with their twins shortly after they signed the contract.

But then, when the kids were born in February 2021, things took a turn for the unforeseen. Their original parents never showed up to pick them up.

Amanda stated that they weren’t willing to spend two weeks in quarantine before entering the US. Not only did they fail to pick up the twins; they also failed to establish their parental rights.

Amanda and her husband are now included on the infants’ birth certificates because their original parents were unable to attend the delivery.

The contract, however, stated that a second birth certificate would be created after they came to take the twins home and properly established their parental privileges.


However, despite COVID travel restrictions being abolished in late 2021, the biological parents have yet to appear to receive Hannah and James.

They first sent Amanda and her husband money to care for the infants. However, Amanda recently ordered them to quit doing so if they had no intentions to come pick up their children.

She hasn’t “heard from anybody” since, with the biological parents failing to contact the twins on their first birthday.

Amanda and her husband haven’t heard from the other couple in 50 days, and the 14-month-old twins are still living with them.

They’ve now engaged a lawyer to figure out what to do next.

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