Just in: Elon Musk completely exposes Adam Schiff on Twitter


In a subsequent batch of Twitter files released Tuesday, Adam Schiff has been exonerated by Elon Musk for collaborating with Twitter journalist Matt Taby. After the bombings took place, it was revealed how closely Twitter and government agencies worked together to silence and block their protests.

According to a revelation by Taibbi, Democratic Representative Adam Schiff tried to use his power to get investigative journalist Paul Sperry removed from Twitter.

Twitter was getting requests “from everywhere: Treasury, the NSA, almost every state, HHS, FBI and DHS, and more. They also received a variety of requests from government officials who wanted people not to Prefers to be outside traveling.

The office of Adam Schiff, the Democrat who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, has asked Twitter to block journalist Paul Sperry over the matter.

He included the accompanying image:

Schiff was later criticized by Musk via Twitter: “Hey, Rep. Adam Schiff, what is this?”

Sperry was later removed from the website, even though Schiff was not able to quickly suspend the investigative reporter.

As Musk has been vocal about corruption among Washington lawmakers, he has focused his criticism on Schiff.

In late December, Musk completely ruined it by mocking Schiff’s low intelligence. Musk has come under attack from Schiff and other Democratic legislators in recent weeks, but the businessman is unfazed.

Elon Musk made the comment in response to a tweet by Schiff that said: “Elon Musk claims to be a firm believer in free speech to justify ignoring racism and intolerance on Twitter.”

However, when journalists publish bad news, they face arbitrary restrictions. It seems the commitment to free expression is not that strong. But there is hypocrisy.

Regarding Schiff’s leadership of the House Intelligence Committee, Musk said, “Thankfully, you lose your chairmanship pretty soon.” You have got some brains.

In a letter to Tesla’s board on Tuesday, Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren asked whether Musk’s purchase of Twitter had “damaged” investors. Musk criticized Warren for the second time after attacking Tesla.

The New York Times says Elizabeth Warren has written to Tesla’s board to ask whether investors were hurt by Elon Musk’s time as CEO of the social network Facebook.

Farzad Mesbahi responds to unusual whale’s tweet that Elizabeth Warren is the last person I would want near Tesla.


Musk then took aim at Warren in a direct reply to Mesbahi’s tweet.

He expressed, “The US is plainly experiencing him being a representative, haha.”

In terms of business and labor laws, Warren has said that Musk could face “serious legal problems” and that Musk has been abusing his power since coming to Twitter.

The issue of abuse of power is rather hilarious, given that Warren belongs to America’s political upper class.

“As you probably are aware, Tesla’s board has a lawful obligation to guarantee that its President is playing out his legitimate obligations and is all going about as a powerful pioneer,” she said in Sunday’s letter. Used to be.”

Warren expressed displeasure over Musk’s purchase of Twitter to CBS late night host Stephen Colbert in November.

Warren said that no single billionaire should have that much power to decide how to give Americans and other people around the world the opportunity to interact. “I definitely disapprove of him,”

“This agreement is a threat to our democracy. A different set of criteria applies to billionaires like Elon Musk, who use power for their own personal gain. Ironically, she tweeted, “We need a wealth tax and tougher sanctions to hold Big Tech accountable.”