Jimmy Kimmel Exposed after Friend’s Close Ties to Epstein Revealed


In February, star quarterback Aaron Rodgers said during a discussion on UFOs that the Epstein client list would soon be released and suggested that the corporate media would try to push discussion of it to the side.

That comment came when Rodgers appeared on the Pat McAfee show. During that podcast appearance, Rodgers said, “there’s been a few other objects that have been shot down…I I believe that this has been going on for a long time interesting timing on everything there’s a lot of other things going on in the world.” Rodgers then asked, “Did you hear about the Epstein Client List about to be released too allegedly?

Watch that here:

Jimmy Kimmel, in response, said that Rodgers is a “tin foil hatter” for wanting to know who was associated with Epstein. In his words: “All this UFO talk has the tin foil hatters going wild, including wack-Packer Aaron Rodgers who offered this hot take on ‘The Pat McAfee Show.’” He then rolled the above clip of Rodgers mentioning the client list.

That led to David Bahktari hammering Kimmel on Twitter, saying, “Tell me you’re on the Jeffrey Epstein client list, without telling me you’re on the Jeffrey Epstein client list….”

Well, the internet quickly did some digging and found that Kimmel is friends with Adam Perry Lang. Lang used to be Epstein’s chef. So that tangentially links Kimmel with Epstein.

The Post Millennial reports that unsealed court documents show that Lang traveled on several flights with Epstein and sometimes stayed at his Manhattan townhouse. Lang, for his part, has denied witnessing any sexual activity or underage girls while working for Epstein.

Lang told Eater in a 2019 statement “Almost 20 years ago, as a young chef I was hired to work for Jeffrey Epstein. My role was limited to meal preparation. I was unaware of the depraved behavior and have great sympathy and admiration for the brave women who have come forward.

Virginia Giuffre, an Epstein accuser, has claimed that Lang served naked girls iced tea, water, and fruit platters. Apparently, Giuffre also claimed that she and a journalist named Tara Palmeri attempted to deliver a letter to Lang in which they urged him to help those who were abused by his employer, Epstein. They found out, she claims, that he was staying at a Hermosa Beach home owned by Kimmel. She claims to have said, in the letter:

“I’m sure you’ve heard of Epstein’s short incarceration and subsequential death. He’s gone now. He can’t hurt us anymore, but as you know, it wasn’t just Epstein running the most prolific sex trafficking ring of modern times. He had help, lots of help. That alone leaves me and his uncountable victims searching for justice. Justice comes in many forms. In my case, justice is holding the various perpetrators that participated, enabled, or looked the other way, accountable.”


“I’m not here to ruin your life. You have so much knowledge of the various people on the planes and his homes and anywhere you would have been with him. You truly can’t say you didn’t know or you can’t remember. You didn’t help when Brad Edwards and I reached out to you in 2014. Jeffrey was alive then and I get it. Maybe you were scared of him. We all were. You have the ability and frankly, the responsibility, to help now.

“By helping us victims and speaking out with us, not only will you redeem yourself, but you will truly elevate yourself to the status of hero, which is exactly what you could be for me. A hero. I have such fond memories of staying up late, we’d talk, we’d laugh. I consider you my friend, and I hope I still can.


Watch Brett Cooper discuss that on the Daily Wire’s “The Comments Section” podcast here: