Bon Jovi’s 33-year marriage is proof that high school romances can turn into a lifetime of love.


If Jon Bon Jovi has been certain of anything, it’s his eternal love for Dorothea Hurley. That’s why, despite years of advice, he is never reluctant to marry her. The music legend revealed that he feels ten times better today than he did back then. Looking back, the marriage was the best investment he ever made.

In 1980, Bon Jovi and Hurley met in high school history class. They were only 18 years old at the time. It began with basically attempting to peer over her shoulder at exam answers, to making small chat. They finally found their feelings for one other and began dating.

By 1989, Bon Jovi’s band had the number one album and song, and his profession was on the rise. He unexpectedly mentioned to Hurley that they elope when they were in a hotel room at this moment. He stated that he pulled back the curtain in his room, and there’s a billboard of himself gazing straight back.

He remarked to Dorothea that he had got an idea. He asked why don’t they go now? To which she replied that he is out of his mind. He urged saying that what could be better than this moment. He further added that they took off for Las Vegas. He didn’t tell anyone. They flew in a little plane, hopped in a cab, and didn’t even stay the night. The witness was the cab driver.

When they returned, word of their marriage had spread across the media, and the artist’s management was outraged with his action. He advised Bon Jovi that his marriage may seriously affect his profession, shattering the newlywed’s love bubble.

Despite the repeated criticism, the pair stayed strong and trusted in their lovely relationship. He stated that when the wedding was announced on that Monday, America was furious, and many individuals attempted to derail a lovely event. They attempted to deprive us of that moment.


And so their marriage started, despite criticism and intrusive rumours. Hurley expressed that however, it works. She believes this is because they both grow at the same rate. They evolved in tandem rather than in different directions. The couple has had a beautiful 33-year marriage, showing everyone else incorrect.

He still gushes over his wife, with whom he’s nurtured four great children. He noted that she is the foundation of his family, his job, and his very being. He is glad to have someone like that in his life that he can love and trust. She holds everything together. He is the crazy visionary who has everything flying about and the seams are all splitting. She’s the one who’s following him about with the glue, thread, and needle, holding everything together.

The rock ‘n’ roll legend has been called many things over his profession, but one in specific he willingly embraces.

He revealed that he somehow got the face of a long-married rock star. But because he is so thrilled, he’ll embrace the responsibility.

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