ABC Gives Whoopi An Ultimatum: “Fire Sunny or Joy – The Choice is Yours”


“The View” is in serious financial trouble. With advertisers jumping ship like crazy and ratings on the decline, the show America loves to hate may not see its third decade. According to sources inside the network, the higher-ups have delivered an ultimatum to showrunner Whoopi Goldberg:

“They want her to fire either Sunny Hostin or Joy Behar. They each earn the same money, so they don’t care which one goes. But they’re making Whoopi decide.”

Goldberg’s decision will likely cost whoever she fires their career. “Nobody has ever bounced back from being booted from that show,” said Entertainment Consultant Joe Barron, “just look at Elizabeth Hasselbeck. She could have been a really good panelist on something like ‘The Five,’ but instead she got picked on for ten years and quit.”

Barron isn’t wrong. The show is known to bully its conservative hosts regardless of how much the MAGA crowd thinks they’re RINOs. Meghan McCain is a perfect example.


“Her father was a traitor,” said Donald Trump, “he wouldn’t endorse me, which goes against everything the military taught the guy. They also taught him how not to get captured but we all know how that went.”

Goldberg has until the end of the month to figure out who she wants to let go. God Bless America.