According to research, children need their grandparents more than we could ever imagine… And here is why…


Spending time at your grandparents’ house is one of the best ways to de-stress, and you don’t need a degree in psychology or human behavior to agree with this statement. When your grandma makes you a pie and gives you cookies, or when your grandpa takes you on a walk around the block, it is as if all of the tension that you have been feeling as a result of school and life just melts away. So should it really come as a surprise that there is real scientific evidence indicating why it is so?

It turns out that we owe a lot to our grandparents for the years while we were growing up. Here are all the reasons why!

1. Grandparents are more empathetic in the eyes of children.

In most households, grandparents serve as a second set of parents. Grandma and Grandpa are there when it seems like Mom and Dad are not listening to you or do not understand you very well. For many children, it might be difficult to accept that their parents sometimes don’t listen all that well. But w hat about grandma and grandpa? Everyone here has ears.

2. They have plenty of life lessons to share.

Grandparents have undoubtedly experienced a lot by the time they are elderly. With such a large age divide, they have experienced a completely different reality than you have. Additionally, it signifies that they have already overcome all of the challenges and adversity you will inevitably face. It’s only natural that they sometimes impart that life lesson to you.

3. It helps a lot to have that cozy, safe feeling with them.

Kids are prone to feeling overwhelmed due to the fast change of friends, fashion trends, and even cultural and political developments. However, they have no need to be concerned about the changes in their grandparents. Grandma and Grandpa will always be your devoted grandparents, regardless of what happens.

4. Grandparents are excellent stress relievers.

You don’t trust me? Ask the experts! It was just a matter of time until someone chose to go deep into the science to figure out why being around grandmother and grandpa is so comfortable. According to a 2016 research, having close relationships with your grandparents is associated with a lower risk of developing depression.

5. They serve as a bridge to the history of our family!

Families are unique in that they have a long history. How did you get here? Who among you came here and how? How did they live thirty years before I was born? Lucky for you, your grandparents most likely know the answers!

6. We learn to avoid overthinking the future.

Wrinkles, graying hair, tooth loss, and other effects of aging are unavoidable. You could lose friends, and when you least expect it, you’ll face hardship. Who better to learn that lesson from than your grandparents? The beautiful thing is that you can always laugh and enjoy the simple things to feel a little better.

7. You couldn’t ask for better mentors.

Grandparents are the epitome of the saying “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” They are always happy to see you, and they spend the majority of their time making you feel welcome and comfortable. Since it’s difficult to find role models, everyone is given access to two exceptional seniors for free.


8. We can repay the favor.

The majority of the time on this list has been devoted to discussing the support they provide. We’re just as capable of teaching them as their grandchildren. Grandpa, does he seek assistance in using the computer? Grandma needs help in order to manage the kitchen, right? Or are they only seeking a deeper bond with the younger generation? Whatever it is, we are completely glad to help.

9. We develop the ability to value each moment.

Our parents and grandparents don’t want us to grow up as fast as we do. Time is valuable, and family time is even more so. You could someday become a grandparent too, so seeing grandma and grandpa serves as a reminder of that. Additionally, your grandparents will be thinking constantly about how rapidly you are growing. Overall, the message is a resounding “Enjoy every moment!”

10. There are no restrictions on the love.

We may be used to believing that love must be earned. That before we can comfortably use the magic “L” word on someone, we need to spend hours and hours with them. However, love, even platonic love, doesn’t always work that way. From the moment you are born, your parents and grandparents will begin to love you, and you can be sure they won’t stop any time soon!

11. They put your comfort first.

Grandma and Grandpa will never make you feel awkward during any of your visits to their house. Grandma is ready to go into the kitchen and bring you every cookie she can bake if you only mention that you’re hungry. Simply send the information to grandpa, and before you know it, you’ll be holding a sandwich stuffed with meat in both of your hands.

We know that 72% of grandparents believe that raising grandchildren is the “most important and fulfilling” thing they could accomplish in life according to the American Grandparents Association.

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