Roseanne Forgives Backstabbing Former Co-Stars…But Only After Ripping Into Them One More Time


Roseanne Barr, though far from being the first public figure can-celed, was one whose high-profile cance-llation was one that stuck with people more than most. Whether because of the suddenness of it, ABC’s cracking down on her and canc-eling her show because she engaged in wrongthink, or just because she’s a well-liked actress and thus more sympathetic figure than many of those who are canc-eled, many conservatives neither forgave nor forgot that the woke left can-celed her.

As background, Roseanne and her show got canc-eled after she tweeted “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.” “VJ” was there a reference to Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett. As could be expected, the left lost its mind over that and went berserk that she’d dare say something not politically correct.

Well, now Roseanne is back from all that and is forgiving those that turned on her during her time of troubles. But, before she forgave them, she hammered those backstabblng “friends” one more time.

She did so during an interview with the Los Angeles Times, saying first that the can-cel culture attack on her was like a witch-burning. In her words: “It was a witch-burning. And it was terrifying. I would die many times. I guess you would call it the dark night of the soul. I felt like the devil himself was coming against me to try to tear me apart, to punish me for believing in God.”

Continuing, she commented on those that sta-bbed her in the back being out of character in doing so, saying “I don’t know why they did what they did. I’m not like them. I realized that. I can’t believe what they did, with all the pain that I went through to bring the show back. And it didn’t faze them to murder my character, either. They sh*t on my contribution to television and the show itself.”

Then, after saying that those who attacked her were acting like they were in witch burning and that they sta-bbed her in the back, she said that she forgives them. In her words: “But I forgive everybody. I started thinking that God took me out there to save me. And once I started thinking that way, I was, like a lot better off.”


That wasn’t all. She also noted that those on the attack against her won’t ever stop coming for her, saying:

“They didn’t do it to anyone else in Hollywood, although they always throw in Dave Chappelle and Louis C.K. Well, Louis C.K. did lose everything, but he committed an actual [offense]. And Dave Chappelle was protected by Netflix. … I’m the only person who’s lost everything, whose life’s work was stolen, stolen by people who I thought loved me. And there was silence.”

“I don’t think they’ll ever stop trying to come after me, particularly now that I am getting the last laugh on their a**. That’s why I’m coming back. I never would have that last laugh unless I’m strong enough to stand on two feet, and although I do have to wear adult diapers while doing it, I am not ever going to stop making fun of power and its arrogance, and I don’t give a f*** what color it is. I’ll be there. Make the most f***ing fun of it that I can before I croak.”

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