Roseanne Hits in Ratings While ‘The View’ Drops to Lowest Ever


Hello, Fallis Gunnington here.  I thought I’d take this time to talk to you guys a little bit about conservative policies and thought.  Don’t worry, we’re alone.  The bulletheads don’t read the actual article much.

Roseanne’s “comedy special” leads the ratings while the View falls.  Yeah, like that would happen. First of all, that unfunny old wrinkly pup tent has degreased to joking about how she loves to hit her kids.  Gosh, that’s hilarious, you Dollar Store Melissa McCarthy.  Oh, and second, they’re not on at the same time, so any competition is moot.

Anyway.  Have you ever noticed that the “Guns, God, and Gonnarheah” crowd never fails to take the exact worst side in any argument?  And they don’t do it outright at first.  They smooth it over.

Like, when there’s yet another shooting.  “Now don’t blame the gun.  The guy was mentally ill”. Yeah, so mentally ill he watched Fox constantly and listened to right wing radio In the F-150.

How about the current “drag Queens” arguments?  Have you ever seen so many suddenly virile men shaking their balls around?  It’s like a Kid Rock birthday party.  I mean, drag Queens were fine and hilarious in 1855, but NOW they’re EVIL!

Police shot a black kid?  “He should have complied”. Police shot a white kid?  “That poor boy.  I hope his family sues”. Make no mistake, these people choose 

these sides to take for one reason.

To “own” the libs.  To misjudge, misinform, and slam their neighbor.  You know, like the Bible tells them to.

So for all you Sandy Batts and Joe Barrons out there, don’t give an inch to these scumbags.  They’re what makes America awful.  It’s not funny anymore and they’re not “harmless cranks.”

They are the lowest of humanity.  The absolute bottom of the life barrell. And there’s far more of us than there are of them.  Don’t let Facebook and the internet fool you.

How are those ratings going for ya?