‘Magical News’: Demi Moore & Bruce Willis Are Expecting 1st Grandbaby


‘Magical News’: Demi Moore & Bruce Willis Are Expecting 1st Grandbaby. Ex-spouses of 13 years Demi Moore and Bruce Willis announce they’ll be grandparents for the first time. Bruce’s wife, Emma, also expresses her happiness

Demi, Bruce, Emma and the five girls between them are very close. Especially in the midst of Bruce’s battle with aphasia. Demi just shared a photo of the family getting together for Christmas. Demi Moore and Bruce Willis have been through a lot together. The couple got married and welcomed their children.

They later divorced and found a way to co-parent before Willis was effectively diagnosed with a serious illness.

Anyway, things are looking up for the couple as they received fantastic news just in time for the holidays! Their blended family is about to expand once again, as one of their daughters has announced she is expecting.

Rumer Willis, daughter of Willis and Moore, is expecting her first child with boyfriend Derek Richard Thomas. They shared a joint post on Instagram late Tuesday night and fans were overjoyed.

Rumer and Derek shared three photos of her bump on Instagram and simply posted the tiny baby bump in the caption. The photos left fans in the comments section, and Rumer’s family soon started congratulating the couple.

Moore shared the same three photos of her daughter and noted that she’s entering her “hot granny era.” Rumer’s stepmother, Emma, also shared her thoughts on the pregnancy.

Emma only used two of the three original photos shared by Rumer. She said the pregnancy news was “happy news” before congratulating Rumer and Derek and admitting how excited she was

Many fans commented on the posts saying it was a blessing and they must be so happy. Others said the baby was born into a wonderful family, and some were looking forward to seeing Moore and Willis as grandparents. Another said it was “magical news”.


They are family no matter what

Moore and Willis were married for more than a decade in the late ’90s. When they divorced, it was a shock to fans, but they assured the world that they will remain friends and co-parent their children.

To this day, the couple has kept their promise and made sure to put family above everything that happens in their lives. Willis has since remarried and Moore says she feels like Emma is part of her family.

Willis also talked about what it’s like to have a blended family and said that the only thing on his mind is the happiness and safety of his five children. He admitted they were the reason he and Moore remained close.

Willis was recently diagnosed with aphasia, which affects his ability to speak and write, but Moore has been there for him and Emma through it all, supporting him now and throughout his life.