‘The View’ Host Considers Leaving US, Claims She’s ‘Upset 24 Hours a Day’ Living in Deep-Red State


“The View” co-host Ana Navarro says she’s “upset 24 hours a day” living in Florida, which has become known as “Trump country” and the home state of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence.

Boat parades with flying Trump 2024 flags are commonplace in Florida.

Although Navarro says she has been a Republican, she apparently isn’t a fan of Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis who is standing up to the left-wing grooming of children in public schools.

“Time to move,” co-host Joy Behar told Navarro.

Navarro responded that she was actually thinking about applying for a chance to win a luxury Finnish vacation.

Co-host Sunny Hostin claimed the Finns are happy because they have their government to take care of them.

Finland provides free health care, a year of maternity leave, and other government-run “benefits.”

Hostin says the Finnish people are just “hanging out” and do not have to worry about “life stresses,” such as paying for their homes, education, and health care.

During their consideration of leaving the U.S., “The View” hosts were seemingly oblivious to the fact that they likely aren’t able to migrant to the so-called liberal utopia.

“It turns out that over 90 percent of Finnish citizens are… Finnish,” the Western Journal notes

. “The largest minority group? Swedes. Oh, dear. That won’t do. That won’t do at all.”

More from Western Journal:

So would leftists really bundle up and move to Finland? I’m sure they could get used to the cold [with average temperatures below freezing and lows of -50 degrees]. The real trouble would be admitting they want to live in a country where 99 percent of the population is white.

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And with no systemic racism to shadowbox against, I don’t know how they’d fill their time.

Oh wait, there’s a budding racism industry over there, too? Never mind. Finland could be a progressive paradise yet.