Kanye Goes America First, Cancels Gap Deal Over China CONNECTION: ‘WE CAN BRING INDUSTRY BACK TO AMERICA’


A dream came to Kanye West. His goal was to collaborate with the Gap to develop products that would be priced at $20 for the average person and designed to be on par with the world’s leading fashion brands.

Regrettably, that wish will not come true. Kanye West (also known as Ye to those of us who are close to him) is walking away from the agreement. He claims to CNBC that Ye wants to put America First while Gap insists on producing clothing in China.

Is it just me, or is Ye really pronounced “yee” instead of “yay”?

He may have lost his composure in the wake of the Skate Davidson/Kim Kardashian controversy. Perhaps it is not Ye, and Ye is communicat ing via a middleman, as God did with the Metatron, and we are still expected to recognize the middleman as Ye. What a Terrible thing to do, that would be.


Nevertheless, this is where the agreement with Gap began to unravel:

There are numerous instances where they are bound by obligations to China. With some of the firms that I’m purchasing here in California, we wanted to conduct localized manufacturing, which is totally feasible. We can truly resurrect industry in the United States.

I’m dubious about Kanye’s ability to attract business to California and control expenses to produce reasonably priced apparel. This is the same California that businesses are leaving because it is so expensive to do business there. Californians are crossing the border to Mexico in search of a better life because things there have gotten so horrible in Cali (to the dismay of many Mexicans).

I also wonder if he believes he can manufacture his Yeezys there as well. Sneakers are typically highly expensive, even if they are produced by 12-year-olds in third-world nations.