Roseanne Opens Bud Light Shooting Range


Good old Roseanne.  The conservative comedian always seems to have her finger on the pulse of real America, and after watching the viral video of her friend Kid Rock blasting away at cans of Bud Light beer, has been inspired.

Rosannes new shooting range, WokeBlasters, opens up tomorrow, and offers plenty of pissed-off and loud American patriots their chance to air their grievances with woke beer company Anheuser-Busch by shooting up cases and cases of their newest drag drink.

According to journalist Joe Barron’s interview with the actress herself, she’s gone to great pains to set up and operate Wokeblasters.

“Oh yeah, there’s cases and cases of Bud Light there for the blasting!  We got pistols and assault rifles and shotguns.  Whatever you freaks want!  Hell, I even put in an order for an Abrams tank!  It’ll be in next week.  Save the date!”

Roseanne’s shooting range also features grenades, knives, even nunchuks for the beating and degradation of the Bud Light cans.  Along with them are assorted Aunt Jemima bottles, Doctor Seuss books, and Volkswagen Jettas, because they’re gay cars.


“We got everything you want to shoot at, except liberals themselves,” she said controversially.  “But I’m pretty sure my favorite governor Ron DeSantis will legalize that pretty damn soon!”

The range is open from 8 a.m. until 5 on weekdays, and the entertainer purports to have spent nearly three million dollars on the beer alone.  Come and make it worth it!