Judge Judy remarried her husband in 1991 – together they raised 5 kids, 3 of whom are following in her tracks


Judy recognized that she sought to have kids and understood it was time for her to get tie the knot. She wedded Ronald Levy when she was 20 and subsequently left her career to grow her two kids. But she was fed up after some years into being a housewife. Judy then decided to complete her master’s degree to resume her legal profession.

But Levy didn’t like the change and he thought that Judy’s career was just a pastime, which triggered stiffness in their marriage. He denied to take her profession seriously and the couple separated.

Her conclusion to separation was not easy. She said that it was frightening as she being first divorce in her family. She then met Jerry Scheindlin, her second husband.

Jerry initially saw Judy in a bar while talking to a reporter. Though Jerry had been separated from his first spouse but they were not yet formally divorced.

As their love advanced, Jerry still hadn’t divorced his wife. So, Judy said that she needs to see his divorce in the newspaper, or don’t trouble calling her over again.

Judy lost her father in 1990 and she told Jerry that was her turn to be taken care of. Jerry wasn’t familiar to what his spouse asked for and didn’t know how to care for her.

Judy didn’t lay down what she wanted from him and asked him to look after her. She told him that she would break up if he couldn’t agree to her demand. Jerry gambled her to, and 24 hours later, they separated.

Though, the split-up left both of them annoyed. Judy quickly understood her fault. She said that she missed Jerry.

Jerry also understood that their separation was a blunder. He said that he missed her company in the very initial week that they were separated.

Within a year into their separation, Jerry decided to dial Judy and take her on a date. To his shock, she approved and they met for dinner that evening and they came even closer over the year.

Judy said that the date was a tragedy after she ordered healthy diet for him. The date not once called her back.

The tragedy of the date delighted Jerry and he unders tood that they would soon revive their love. One day Jerry told her that he was not happy spending time with her but not being wedded to her. They both agreed to go to the clerk’s office to get a marital certificate and they dialled close friends to eyewitness the marriage.


Judy had two kids from her earlier marriage and Jerry had three. Judy’s eldest kid, Jamie, was born in 1966 in New York City and in 1968, her second child, Adam, was born.

Adam shadowed in his mom’s ways and pursued a law profession. He attended as the Putnam County district advocate for years but later confronted some disagreement about interfering in a case.

Jerry’s kids are Nicole, Gregory, and Jonathan. Nicole graduated from New York Law School and is the CEO of “Her Honor Mentoring.” Gregory is also an attorney in New York and their brother, Jonathan, is a medic.

The duo is still going ever and Judy is still fascinated to her husband. And she cautioned him to keep a sensible figure all over their marriage.

Judy also enjoys to look nice for her partner, who has not once seen her short of combed hair and make-up on.

Judy said that she kept her numerous awards all over the house but added that she at no time kept any awards in the bedroom since nobody should be receiving awards in the bedroom.

The duo continued being together and Jerry constantly braced Judy all over her television accomplishment. Judy sensed that if she functioned firm, she could have a family and a fruitful profession, and she surely did.

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