“The View” Now Paying People To Be in the Audience


How much money do you think you’d be willing to take in order to watch one or two tapings of “The View” every day? 100 bucks, perhaps? Dollars one thousand? The sum of $5,000?

Producers of ABC’s sputtering television talk show are currently in that scenario as ratings plunge and contentious talk show topics engender insincerity and discomfort. Nonetheless, many people involved in the show’s daily management are criticizing the hosts.

Sandra Batt, the curtain foreperson, describes Whoopi Goldberg as “caustic and unable to seem to say anything positive about anyone.” Even the visitors. She has driven quite a few away.

Hors de ouvre fluffer Joe Barron stated, “I was walking into the green room the other day, just working, you know.” And there was a disgusting, odorous blouse on the coat rack. When I went to throw it away, I was shocked to see that Joy Behar was there instead of a blouse! How come she’s still here?


Some other ABC officials claim that it is difficult to get viewers to endure the typical dreck and applaud like trained seals these days. At this time, an observer can expect to make roughly $250 every episode on average. My calculations show that to be more than $2,000 per week.

If you can get it, I suppose it’s not bad work. Otherwise, is it?