Disney Family Sues Company For Creative Control: “They’ve Lost Their Way”


The Walt Disney Company Incorporated is a massive entity with billions in assets spread across every continent. The decision making for the whole shebang, however, boils down to e seven member board of directors and the CEO.

That board, which still consists of three people with the last name “Disney,” is now posturing to give creative control of the company back to the family that made the magic happen.

“We’re currently in arbitration over who will take the company into the future,” said George Disney, Walt’s Great Grandson, “my sisters and I would love to see some of the current policies reversed with a return to more wholesome values.”

Karen and Linda Disney, who have never been active in the company other than as voting board members, say they’re behind George’s vision and will do whatever it takes to give the flailing ship some new direction.


The fourth member willing to hand the reigns to the Disney family is longtime family ally Joe Barron, whose mother married Larry Disney shortly after his brother, Roy Disney, dedicated the newly-renovated Space Mountain to his daughter Tina in 1971. Tragically, he died a week later.

With that kind of history and decades of being the number one name in children’s entertainment, Disney can certainly use the shake-up. Hopefully it works.