Fed-Ex driver shares story of how “voice” told her to go back to lady with sick husband


Many of us have experienced a feeling that we wanted to do something for another person.Not because we want it, but because something else pushes us to do it.Some call it their “inner voice” from a divine being.

A FedEx delivery driver just had this same experience where a voice kept telling her to go back to that woman she delivered a package to that morning.
It seemed God asked her to do something special for the person.She shared her encounter with the lady on Social Media, which has since gone viral.I started with a simple conversation.Amanda Riggan is a full-time FedEx driver from South Carolina.

One day, Amanda was doing her usual rounds when she encountered a lady. She delivered the package and had a small talk with her.

The woman asked Amanda how her holidays were, and she answered it was very busy, but she still had a great time.Then she asked the lady in return, and the lady shared a burden she was carrying.
Amanda was a little taken aback at their conversation.She felt awkward, but she knew the woman just needed a person to talk to, so she stayed for a bit and tried to change the subject.

Source: Facebook-Amanda Riggan
“I drove off, my heart’s pounding. I do probably 20 more stops, and I have to go back,” Amanda said to the video on Facebook.She thought of it a little longer before deciding to listen to the inner voice telling her to go back.She added in the video that she stopped her delivery and went back to the neighborhood she just left.

She arrived at the woman’s house and rang the doorbell.

She heard the lady going down the stairs. Amanda saw her with tears in her eyes.
“When she saw it was me, she smiled.” She said in the video. The woman smiled when she recognized Amanda.

She then offered the woman to pray with her, which they did. And while praying, the woman broke down in tears.


At that moment they shared the pain, and the struggle, and had a mutual understanding.Amanda made sure the woman feel she was not alone

She came out on the front porch and squeezed me so tight, this lady I’ve never met,” Amanda shared on the video. “and I prayed for her and her family – for her husband,” she added.

The video received over 20M views.

“I pray every day for the Lord to use me,” Amanda said. She then explained in the video that the tugs in our heartstrings are divine voices that we need to listen to. That we need to stop what we’re doing and follow the voice.

Amanda is also a known community worker.

She coaches a sporting team, works with the Board of Disabilities and an Assisted Living Community, and founded Hungry Heroes. A non-profit organization aims to feed first responders around the country.

This was her way of showing support to our “everyday heroes”.
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