Steeler’s Coach Mike Tomlin Says “No More Kneeling on the Field!”


Pittsburgh Steelers coach, Mike Tomlin, has recently made headlines for banning kneeling on his field. In a press conference, Tomlin stated that he wants his players to focus on football and not use the field as a platform for political statements.

While some may view this as a reasonable stance, others argue that it’s an attempt to silence players and stifle their freedom of expression.

Critics of Tomlin’s decision point to the NFL’s long history of athletes using their platform to raise awareness of social issues. From Muhammad Ali refusing to be drafted into the Vietnam War to Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the national anthem, athletes have played a crucial role in social change.

Tomlin’s decision has not gone unnoticed, with Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger voicing his disappointment, stating that athletes have a unique opportunity to effect change in their communities.

While Tomlin is concerned about keeping his players focused on winning, some fans are concerned that the team’s reputation as a bastion of free speech and social activism has taken a hit. One fan expressed their disappointment, saying that they used to be proud to be a Steelers fan, but now they’re not so sure.


It remains to be seen how Tomlin’s ban will affect the Steelers’ performance on the field. However, what is clear is that athletes have the right to use their platform to raise awareness of social issues, and it’s up to coaches and team management to support and encourage their players to do so.