Whoopi Goldberg Accused Of Farting On Live Television While Filming ‘The View’: ‘That Was Gas’


Whoopi Goldberg made headlines this week after she was accused of passing gas during a live episode of The View. The incident occurred on Wednesday morning, while Goldberg and her co-hosts were on air.

In a video of the incident, Goldberg can be seen stopping mid-sentence after being interrupted by what was allegedly a fart. She then reportedly acknowledged the incident by telling her co-hosts and the audience that it was gas.

Following the incident, viewers of the show took to social media to discuss what had just happened. Some joked about Goldberg’s nickname and others argued that the noise was actually a burp. However, an insider claims that Goldberg’s behavior has been an issue for some time and has been brought to the attention of The View’s producers.

According to the insider, Goldberg’s on-air actions are distracting and foul-smelling, and have been a problem for a while. The ladies of The View reportedly hear sudden noises and are assailed by foul smells during serious discussions, which seem to come from Goldberg’s end of the table. Despite this, Goldberg refuses to acknowledge that she is the source of the problem.


The incident has sparked debate and humor on social media, with many users weighing in on the situation. While some found the incident amusing, others were critical of Goldberg’s behavior on the show.

Regardless of the reaction, it seems clear that the incident has brought attention to the issue of on-air behavior and professionalism, especially in live broadcasts.