Musk Punches Don Lemon During CNN Interview


Twitter’s erstwhile CEO Elon Musk had a sit-down interview on CNN last week with star talking head Don Lemon, and boy, did sparks fly.

The chat began innocently, as Lemon greeted the six foot tall olympic-built billionaire and then went straight into his dealings with social media megalon Twitter, insinuating that he’d possibly made a rash mistake in his supposed “freedom of speech” philosophy.

“I find that freedom vastly important, Don,” the star money man offered, “And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. There are a lot of regular human beings out there who want to say what they want to in public.”

Lemon seemed unperturbed and then continued along the line that would soon get him a knuckle sandwich for lunch.

“Yes, but your supposed ‘freedom’, which wasn’t specifically guaranteed in the first place, has led to groups of conservative idiots spouting the N word and spreading Nazi philosophy. Was that your goal?”


Musk seemed momentarily speechless, then leaned forward an planted one right in Lemon’s man-kisser.

Producers then stopped the program to get their star weenie medical attention while contacting their legal teams over at Barron and Batt for upcoming legal consequences.

Musk left the program soon afterward and had no outstanding comment after the event.