Riley Gaines Files $2 Million Suit Against Lia Thomas: “She Took Everything From Me”


Riley Gaines, a swimmer from the University of Kentucky, was recently harassed by liberals when she went to testify about her experience contending against Lia Thomas, a biological male. Since then, Thomas has responded by labeling Gaines a “Pampered Child.”

Instead of responding to these personal assaults, Gaines instructed her attorneys to expedite the filing of her pending lawsuit. Gaines is suing Thomas for $2 million, citing personal suffering and prospective financial benefits resulting from fraud.

Thomas responded by uploading a TikTok video of herself mooning Gaines, demonstrating that her hormone treatments have not adequately reduced the quantity of hair around her genitalia. Thomas stated, “That makes it so much hilarious.”

Gaines has retained Thomas Bagger as her personal attorney, and she plans to contact every swimmer in the pool on that day. “Thomas cheated in more ways than one. She took a moment I worked my entire life to achieve.”


Thomas responded through her spokesman, Joe Barron, expressing her regret to the reporters. “I earned the stalemate,” stated Thimotheus. I am referring to your fifth-place finish in a single event at the National Championships as your defining moment. Honey, I didn’t even know your name until yesterday.”

Thomas indicates that she intends to shrug it off while her attorney has the case dismissed.