‘American Idol’s Kellie Pickler’s Husband Of 12 Yrs Found Dead After He Left Happy Message The Day Before.


Kellie Pickler was a contestant on “American Idol” who wowed the show’s judge, Simon Cowell, with her singing. In 2007, the singer published her first album, “Small Town Girl,” which earned her a Country Music Association Award nomination.

In March 2017, the “American Idol” singer posted a photo of herself and her hubby in happier times. The actress stated that June 15 was a special day in her life since it was both her grandmother’s birthday and the day her husband proposed to her.

Jacobs accompanied Pickler, who subsequently suffered from depression, to Rosemary Beach, Florida, on that day in 2010, assuring her it was simply a vacation. They did, though, have a romantic meal in the evening and a walk on the beach at sunset.

The musician had no idea he’d hidden a little wooden box on the sand, so when she discovered it, it seemed to have washed up from the sea. Pickler found a notebook Jacobs had written for her, a seashell with “Faye” inscribed on it, her grandmother’s name, and an engagement ring when she opened it.

He went down on one knee to propose, and she exclaimed, “Yes!” while they watched the sunset slowly. Oddly, Jacobs hadn’t known it was Faye’s birthday, and it seemed as if the late grandma was blessing them.

Pickler described in February 2011 how she and Jacobs were nearly done organizing their wedding when they discovered they despised half of the individuals on the guest list!


So the pair abandoned everything, eloped to Antigua in the Caribbean, and married on the beach on New Year’s Day. Pickler added that the songwriter’s wife simply brought her wedding gown and an outfit for him on their big day.

They completely trusted God that everything would work out, and it did, and it was the most wonderful day of her life.


Jacobs’ wedding ring was inscribed with their wedding date, “1-1-11,” and the words “Put it back on!” so that he could see the message every time he removed it. He’d never wear the ring again now that he’d died abruptly.

Jacobs was discovered deceased at their Nashville, Tennessee home on February 17, 2023. The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) received a 911 call from the songwriter’s house at 1:21 p.m. on that day, suspecting suicide.


Jacobs was discovered dead from a gunshot wound in the upper office or bedroom by the fire brigade. The singer awoke not long after the event, which the MNPD described as an apparent suicide.

Pickler said that she did not see her husband and went in search of him, but her personal assistant was unable to unlock the door to the upstairs room and had to phone 911. The Nashville Fire Department and the police discovered the composer “dead” when they got at the scene.

Unfortunately, Jacobs posted to Instagram the day before his death to celebrate a professional milestone. Pickler’s spouse welcomed the success of Lee Brice’s fifth studio album, “Hello World,” noting that it had gone platinum and thanking those who made it possible in his farewell post.


The composer also expressed his “deep honor” at being a “creative part” of the record. What was so tragic about Jacobs’ death was that he made his wife’s life worthwhile while failing to do the same for himself.


On November 7, 2007, Pickler broke down while singing “I Wonder,” a song about an absent mother. That’s when it became evident that the singer was suffering from depression as a result of a troubled family past.

Her mother abandoned her when she was two years old, leaving her in the care of her convicted criminal dad. He was, though, inconsistent in his care, and she was raised mostly by her paternal grandparents until being reunited with her dad after he was released from prison in 2006.

Pickler’s dad was sentenced to jail fourteen months later in July 2007, and in the autumn, she battled with the breakup she had when her romance with Jordin Tootoo ended.

Despite the fact that the musician’s mom gave countless interviews about why she abandoned her daughter, the two never spoke. Pickler said that she would have forgiven her mom if she had admitted that she had not fulfilled her job adequately or just apologized.

The actress expressed her desire for her mom to be there in her life and for her parents to applaud her as she exited the stage. She’d learned to accept the things she couldn’t alter and realized she’d never have the connection she desired with her parents, so she had to mourn, accept the pain, rage, and weep.


She encountered Jacobs a few months after her breakdown, and they collaborated on two songs for her upcoming album. Pickler said that she had no idea somebody like him existed, somebody who made her feel good about herself.

The celebrity had never seen how a relationship should be, and the first time she saw her parents together was in a courtroom. When she was having problems and desired Xanax, Jacob would persuade her to let him be her pill and console her, but he failed to save himself.

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