David McCallum, star of “NCIS”, is overjoyed to share photos of his eight grandchildren… Find out more below…


When he is not appearing on a television program that is seen all over the globe, David McCallum enjoys his role as a doting grandpa. But the road to becoming a grandfather was bumpy for him since he had some difficulties in his marriage along the way…

McCallum has gone through the process of marriage twice. His first wife’s name was Jill Ireland, and together they had three children. This was his first marriage. The couple gave birth to their children Paul and Val naturally, and then, after a pregnancy loss, they gave birth to their son Jason via adoption.

They enjoyed a happy marriage for a period of time, but sadly, it ended in divorce when Ireland had an affair with the actor Charles Bronson while she was still married to Bronson. McCallum said that the fact that Bronson had an affair with his wife did not make him despise Bronson.

He said that it was challenging, the primary reason for which is the fact that they had three children, but he and Ireland were able to resolve their differences peacefully. McCallum was an actor, and Bronson was a friend of his. Despite this, McCallum did not allow the incident to depress him for an extended period of time, and he quickly married again!

The former cast member of “NCIS” tied the knot for the second time with Katherine Carpenter. During the time that McCallum and Carpenter were married, they were blessed with two children. Their names are Sophie and Peter, and they are quite proud of both of their children. The couple has created a wonderful life together and still has feelings for one another after all this time.

In the year 2022, after being married for a total of 54 years, Carpenter and McCallum are still very much in love with one another. Carpenter’s two marriages have resulted in a total of five offspring, therefore he is now a grandpa to a total of eight grandchildren. He has said several times that he loves his grandkids and that being a grandpa is one of the most rewarding aspects of his life.

McCallum is a doting father to his five children and maintains strong bonds with all of them. He takes great pride in his family. His two biological children from his previous marriage, Val and Paul, are both successful professionals in their own fields: music and studio photography. His youngest kid from his previous marriage, who was also his youngest child, met a horrible end.

The actor said that he often visited his two oldest children and also spent time with their families, including their offspring. On the other hand, he endured a horrible tragedy when his youngest son from his first marriage, Jason, passed tragically when he was just 20 years old.

McCallum was devastated by the loss of his young son, Jason, who had passed away as a result of an overdose caused by drugs. After the passing of his son, McCallum entered a major period of grieving; at this time, he shared the following:

“The loss of a child is something that can never be fully accepted. The agony is definitely real, yet it manifests itself as a dull aching that quickly escalates into fury.”

The adoption of his youngest son took place at one of the most difficult periods of McCallum’s life, yet the two of them maintained a healthy connection up until Jason’s passing. After Jason’s passing, a young lady got in touch with McCallum to share some uplifting information with her.

The young lady disclosed to McCallum that she and Jason were the parents of a boy named Tory. The actor and his family have welcomed Tory into their home, and McCallum has voiced the hope that the young guy would grow up to be the sort of man that his late father was before he passed away.

Peter, his son from his second marriage, works in advertising, and Sophie, his daughter, spent some time working in real estate. Both of his children came from his second marriage. Sophie chose to have a family and focus on raising her children rather than continuing her job in real estate.

McCallum and Carpenter can now look back with pride on the fact that their combined five children have given them a total of eight grandkids. Because McCallum thinks that “Grandpa” is an inappropriately elderly-sounding title for him, the kids call him “Granddaddy” or “Grandducky.”

McCallum insisted that he is not elderly and that he should not be referred to in a manner that would give the impressi on that he is. In spite of the fact that he specifically asked his grandkids not to make him seem old, he is completely enamored with them and never thinks twice about showing them his images.


McCallum does not have a profile on the popular photo-sharing app Instagram; however, he does upload images of himself with his grandkids on his page on the social networking site Facebook. Each one of them is received with remarks of adoration from their fans.

He showed a picture of his grandson wearing sunglasses and a backpack, and he referred to his grandson as “A Young Ducky.” He went on to explain that the term meant “one young grandchild.” Several of the young man’s followers said that they might easily mistake him for his grandpa.

McCallum has provided both group and individual images of his grandkids in the form of photographs that he has shared with the public. In most cases, the photographs of the grandkids on their own are reserved for use at commemorative events; nevertheless, he does sometimes publish endearing pictures of them online so that everyone may view them.

One of these once-in-a-lifetime events was the celebration of his grandson’s sixth birthday, which took place in 2016. McCallum published an image on his website of a young guy drinking from a straw while wearing spherical glasses. He added that the picture was shot on the little boy’s sixth birthday, which was indicated in the caption of the photo.

There are times when it is appropriate to take pictures of his grandkids by themselves for a particular event; however, there are other times when it is important to include the whole family in the picture. One of them occurred on the anniversary of when McCallum became a citizen of the United States.

Although McCallum spent most of his life living in the United States, he was born in the United Kingdom. They celebrated together, sitting at a round table, where his grandkids were enthralled by the sweets that he had purchased for them to give to him as a gift on the occasion of the anniversary of this event.

McCallum publishes a large number of images, each of which is accompanied by a commentary that provides context for the image. Nevertheless, there are certain photographs that capture moments that are so full of love and pleasure that they do not need a description to convey the message that they want to convey.

Early in 2019, McCallum shared one of these photographs on his website. McCallum is seen in it together with three of his grandkids, as well as three other individuals, none of whom have been identified. Each participant in the picture is beaming with joy and affection, as captured by the photo’s candid capture of the moment.

McCallum said that he had two granddaughters who reside in a location closer to him, while he has six grandsons who reside in the state of New York. Even though his grandkids are spread out across the country, he is able to see all of them often. He joked:

“In order to keep the boys and ladies on their own paths, I send them to separate shores.”

He also said that he thinks it’s funny that one of his grandkids calls him “Grandducky,” but that he’s ultimately delighted to be a grandpa and appreciates having grandchildren. In the end, he stated he’s glad he has grandchildren.

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