Kid Rock has started endorsing a new brand of beer called ‘American Patriot’.


Kid Rock, the iconic American rock star, is now promoting a new beer called “American Patriot Beer.” The beer is quickly gaining popularity among Americans who are tired of what they see as “woke crap” and just want a good, clean beverage.

According to Kid Rock, the beer is being marketed as an alternative to Bud Light’s “woke” transsexual agenda. He believes that people should be able to enjoy a beer without feeling like they are being preached to about social justice issues.

But what makes American Patriot Beer so special? According to Kid Rock, it’s all about the balls. The beer supposedly contains ground-up cow, pig, and even lion balls. And while some may turn their noses up at the idea, Kid Rock says that it’s all part of what makes the beer so uniquely American.

Of course, not everyone is sold on the idea of drinking a beer made from animal testicles. And there are concerns that the beer has not been approved by health inspections in most states. But for those who are willing to take a chance, American Patriot Beer offers a cheap and patriotic alternative to other beers on the market.


And let’s not forget about Kid Rock himself. The rocker has been a vocal supporter of conservative causes and has never been one to shy away from controversy. By lending his name to American Patriot Beer, Kid Rock is once again putting himself front and center in the culture wars.

So whether you’re a die-hard Kid Rock fan or just looking for a beer that’s a little bit different, American Patriot Beer might just be the drink for you. But it does have BALLS!