Kate Hudson Admits She’s Raising Her Daughter Genderless. by Mary Sue


Kate Hudson, the founder of Fabletics, gave birth to her third child, a daughter, last year. The actress revealed how she plans to raise the child regardless of gender.Hudson was already a mother to Ryder, 15, and Bingham, 7, when she gave birth to a baby girl

In an interview, the actress discussed her approach to parenting a girl. She stated that there is undeniably a distinction. She believs one just nurture thier children separately regardless of gender- a genderless method.

They are still not sure what she’ll identify as. Hudson added that she is quite feminine in her energy, voice, and demeanor right now.The actress stated that she enjoys shopping for her newborn child. She remarked it’s completely different from the guys, and it’s incredibly wonderful to want to buy children’s stuff.

However, the actress said that several of the clothing were inappropriate for her daughter to wear. There’s certain stuff kids’ apparel that she is like, she can’t do that to her since it’s so preposterous.


Hudson’s youth serves as motivation and direction for how she wants to nurture her daughter. Growing up with brothers, according to the actress, made her a harder person. Hudson is not the first Hollywood celebrity to embrace gender-neutral parenting. Pink, Angelina Jolie, and Adele have all shown support for this parenting method.

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