Kid Rock Bans Bud Light From His Upcoming World Tour: “No Woke Brands Allowed In My House”


Kid Rock recently announced a huge world tour with more than 30 dates in North America alone. In the wake of the fiasco with Bud Light’s new wokeness policies, however, Kid announced some major changes.

There will be no Bud Light at any of his shows. There will be no Bud Light advertisements or merchandise allowed anywhere near the venue. A $4 million deal between Kid and the company to promote the brand has been canceled.


“It will cost Bud Light about $12 million in revenue and a lot of bad publicity,” said tour promoter Joe Barron, “in the end, Anheuser Busch made a huge error in judgment here.”

The tour will, instead, lean heavily on other rural favorites like PBR and Natty Light. “Natural Light is a great alternative to Bud Light,” said Barron, “and there won’t be any men dressed like women trying to sell it to you.”

“the bulk of the people at the shows will be tweaking,” said Kid, “so it really don’t matter that much. All they need is some cold water and a handful of pennies and they’re good to go.”

The tour kicks off this summer in Nashville and continues through the season, stopping wherever they can gather 4,000 billies who actually listen to his crap. God Bless America.