MSNBC Releases Joy Reid, Calls Her Message “Outdated”


“Joy Reid has been formally terminated from the MSNBC staff.” Every employee at NBC Global, which includes Universal Studios, AT&T, and Lego Land, received that email, which had no content.

More than 19K people read that email, so there’s really no turning back, according to public relations director Joe Barron. Reid had outstayed her welcome at the network, and according to Barron, her numbers indicated a “outdated message.” Even MSNBC, he claims, has its limitations despite their continued commitment to remaining awake.

Poor reviews are one. Reid’s show, which at one point had a small audience, primarily targets liberal watchers of TikTok highlights videos. CFO Art Tubolls remarked, “That’s not a good business model. Joy had a chance to really garner followers, but she instead went full Marxist. The same way they used to for Jon Stewart, they search her show for sound bytes. The future belongs to Joe Scarborough.


Although several sources have already cast doubt on Joe Scarborough’s alleged future, they do agree that Kellyanne Conway’s husband whatshisface would be a wonderful addition to the program.

Her publicist stated, “She’s really not into it, but thank you. No, thank you, sir, and God bless the United States.