Baby found in a dumpster founds multi-million dollar company and becomes highly respected CEO


The large number of us begin our lives on this world by being born into a loving family. We are cared for from the start, and we are provided all we require to flourish.

Unfortunately, such was not the case for Freddie Figgers, 32. In fact, nothing about his existence could be described as “normal.”

Figgers was discovered on the street as a baby after his birth mom left him since she didn’t want him.

His mother tossed him out like regular garbage, he claims. He is not meant to be here, he explained.

Nathan and Betty Figgers, on the other hand, desired a son and opted to give Freddie another shot. They welcomed little Freddie into their house as adoptive parents, giving him the second opportunity he desperately required.

Figgers noted in a post on his website, it’s incredible that one can meet individuals like that, yet to this day, he has never seen his biological parents. He has never been interested.

As Figgers grew older, it became clear that he had a talent for understanding the physics of electrical gadgets. Before his tenth birthday, he began disassembling and reassembling a 1989 computer his father had given him.

Then, at the age of 12, he got his first job as a computer technician. After only three years, he began developing a cloud database in his own garden, thereby becoming his own boss.

Fast forward to adulthood, and Figgers founded his own telecommunications firm, Figgers Communications, despite never having attended college.

He is currently the founder and CEO of Figgers Wireless, a black-owned telecommunications corporation valued at over $62.3 million dollars that you may have never heard of, one of his YouTube videos’ captions states.

Not only that, but Figgers has been able to express himself creatively. He started inventing gadgets to assist his adopted father, who had Alzheimer’s disease, when he was young.

Figgers could find and communicate with his father at any moment by embedding a two-way communication gadget and GPS tracker in a pair of shoes he wore.


Figgers is now concentrating his efforts on developing diabetes-related products.

Figgers stated on Facebook in August, “Diabetes is a huge public health concern that is nearing pandemic proportions internationally.” Diabetes is becoming more common at an alarming rate. Diabetes affects one out of every twelve people in the United States, and type 2 diabetes has also become a frequent juvenile condition.

For far too long, huge diabetic medical supply firms have profited billions of dollars from this dreadful condition by exploiting customers with exorbitant prices. They could have simply marketed their innovation to any Medical supply firm, but it would have further exacerbated the situation.

They have an all-in-one system that monitors diabetes remotely 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But, most importantly, all patients can afford it. They PRIORITIZE Individuals OVER PROFIT.

Figgers has undoubtedly led a remarkable life, and we’ll surely likely hear more about him in the future.

Congratulations, Freddie! We wish you every success in your future efforts.